Our Values

What we consider to be our main duties as a business partner for your requirements are:

  • A customer-driven trading philosophy. We leverage our network and infrastructure assets to optimize the service offered to our clients. Our pursued aim is to control the costs while improving logistic flexibility and efficiency.
  • Create value for our customers by strengthening their bottom line and maintaining their satisfaction which reward us with trusted and long-lasting business relationships.
  • A strong commitment to flexibility, creative mindset, and innovation in order to be always ahead. Answering specific customer requirements and needs are enriching challenges for BAOBAB Commodities.
  • BAOBAB Commodities is not frenetically exploring new markets. We mainly focus on strengthening our position as an expert and indispensable business partner in the commodity trading industry.
  • Through our network of staff, agents, and associates, BAOBAB Commodities is capable of managing in-house every aspect of the commodity trading spectrum: from trade negotiations, structured financing, risk management, oil operations, storage solution, and distribution.