In its success and growth process, BAOBAB Commodities’s management has always emphasized the importance to sustain independence and flexibility, which guarantee a highly customized and efficient service to our customers. Strong technical and commercial expertise allows tailor-made trading solutions to meet the precise needs of clients across markets, currencies, and organizational structures.

BAOBAB Commodities client and counterparty list represent the wide variety of industry participants from major international oil companies to government entities, refiners, and smaller independent energy producers/traders.

Our team is able to act as partner, adviser and facilitator in order to provide genuine value-added throughout every stage of the commodity transaction; before, during and after physical delivery.

Controlling the transportation and supply chain network, BAOBAB Commodities is constantly focused on providing stable pricing and regularity of its supply.

BAOBAB Commodities trades with the full oil spectrum from crude oil to refinery feedstocks such as LPG, naphtha, jet, gasoil, mogas, fuel oil or natural gas.

Physically, the trading is carried out by sea vessel, pipeline, in-tank-transfer, rail, and road tanker (according to the product supply requirements). With advanced information technology systems supporting the supply chain and the extensive network of specialists involved, the customer is offered a highly customized and informative service.

Furthermore, BAOBAB Commodities long-lasting relationships in the sector, allow the company to get involved in process arrangements and, down the line, in oil storage solutions, distribution and marketing activities.

Our deep understanding of the oil supply chain and being a trusted interlocutor makes us a confident business associate in the commodity trading market that ties producers, refiners, and distributors through logistics and storage solutions.